Bike Racks

Dero, Saris, Columbia Cascade

BathXcessories provides bicycle storage racks and parking solutions for all commercial, private and public properties with a wide variety of standard and custom racks to meet your specific building requirements. Our wide variety of bicycle racks, bike parking, and bike storage racks assist any building to meet LEED EQ and MR sustainability credits while customizing the best bike rack design to satisfy parking requirement for your office building, residential condo, city park, and municipal code requirements.

For building owners, the consequence of not providing bike racks, or not providing enough of them is that people will lock their bikes to whatever is available. This might be a railing, a tree, a bench, or any other stable object that offers security. The consequence of locking bikes to these objects include scraped bark, chipped and scratched finishes on your bike. Bike racks provide a smooth powder coated finish on all surfaces and are designed and placed as to not protrude into walkways or present hazards for blind or visually impaired pedestrians. Bike storage racks and systems are becoming increasingly common as more people seek long-term more secure bike storage for expensive bikes and seasonal storage needs.

Manufacturers we work with are Columbia CascadeCycle Hoop SportworksSarisDero