Poletech, American Flagpole, Concord Industries

The Courtyard Series from American Flagpole offers flagpoles with heights from 15’ to 35’ which are ideal for residential homes, small businesses and commercial complexes. An External Stationary version of our Architectural Elite Series, these economical flagpoles are manufactured to the same stringent quality standards as all American Flagpole products.

The Architectural Elite Series from American Flagpole combines heavy-duty aluminum flagpoles in 20’ – 80’ mounting heights with the highest quality hardware available to the industry today. These flagpoles meet the most stringent architectural standards, and are certain to enhance the landscape of any business or industrial property.

The Coastal Series from American Flagpole provides flagpole owners with the increased Wind Speed ratings necessary in coastal and high wind applications. Years of Engineering, R & D, and Manufacturing experience have merged to create the strongest, most efficient increased wind speed flagpoles in heights up to 60′.