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Moore Company Inc., Clarus Glassboards, Ever White

Wall Mounted Glass Boards

Floating appearance of .06″ thickness of glass panel hovers weightlessly .25″ from the wall. Full steel backing on the Corning® Gorilla® Glass surface allows for use of most standard magnets—no special rare earth magnets needed. The backer also acts as part of the hanging mechanism for the appearance of mid-air suspension. No ghosting, no staining, and will last the life of your wall. Use any new chalk, neon, or dry erase markers without worry. Even permanent marker is erasable. Sized for modern spaces in 42″, 60″ and 78″ diagonal. Other sizes and custom options available.

Mobile Glass Boards

Ultra durable double-sided gloss black glass magnetic markerboard is a contemporary communication tool providing the highest quality writing and erasing experience. Accepts rare earth magnets. Smooth finish accepts dry erase, wet erase, chalk markers, and more. Tempered safety glass for use in any environment with sturdy steel plate backing. Accepts rare earth magnets. Frame and trim are made with silver powder-coated steel for superior durability. Wide base design for stability includes dual-wheel locking casters. Mobile board can be set at either 60.5″H or 72.8″H for ideal viewing.

Manufacturers we work with include Ever White, Clarus Glassboards, Bendheim, Best Right Manufacturing, Moore Company Inc, AARCO Products Inc.