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Cluster Box Units

Centralized mail delivery equipment can be in the form of any “clustered” style of mailboxes, but the most popular is the free-standing, pedestal-mounted cluster mailbox or Cluster Box Unit (CBU). These USPS Approved units are most often used in outdoor new construction installations, but are also popular in commercial and retail

Vertical Mailboxes

Vertical mailboxes have been a staple for mail delivery in small apartment communities for decades. Available in fully-recessed models, or surface mount options, these small profile mailboxes are designed to fit into smaller areas with minimal wall-space. Vertical mailboxes are USPS approved for one-to-one replacement purposes only. As these units are top-loading, they should be protected from the weather.

Horizontal Mailboxes

Prior to USPS mailbox regulation changes in 2006, horizontal mailboxes were the standard for many large multifamily residential and business mail delivery applications. However, these time-tested mailboxes may now only be used in direct one-to-one replacements in facilities with U.S. Postal Service mail delivery. When initiating a replacement or renovation project – it is always a good idea to get the approval from your local postal authority before altering the mail system in your building; but in general, if your project is not disturbing the wall the mailboxes are already mounted in, then replacing old mailboxes with a product similar in style is typically acceptable. Any adjustment to the rough opening in the wall will require new STD-4C compliant mailboxes.

Horizontal mailboxes are still an excellent mailbox solution for any private delivery installation such as university dorms, internal business office distribution, or a myriad of other private applications.

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