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Traffic Safety Store, C.R. Laurence Co. Inc.

CRL Circular Heavy-Duty Glass Mirrors come with a 160 degree wide angle mirror that swivels to provide a full overhead view of any area that requires frequent monitoring. Very commonly used to deter theft and improve safety. They are the perfect solution for parking lots, corners and most general applications. Will mount almost anywhere and adjusts to any angle. Trouble spots can be vastly reduced by installing convex mirrors. Place in strategic locations, these convex mirrors provide a clear, panoramic view of potential problem areas. Ideally used in commercial, institutional or industrial applications.

Local governments install the speed bumps we encounter most frequently, and they’re typically made from smoothed over lots of asphalt. While this works to get a municipality with accessibility to teams of skilled workers, road and heavy machinery, it’s not practical for the typical consumer looking to slow traffic.

Those traditional speed bumps made out of asphalt require careful planning, can be difficult to put together and can cost thousands of dollars with all the labor and equipment needed for installation. Cities needed a new solution to controlling traffic speeds, and rubber speed bumps offer all the advantages of traditional speed bumps without all the required maintenance or additional costs.

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