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Framed Mirrors

Mirrors can help visually double the size of your bathroom as well of giving the appearance of the space being more open and bright A single mirror with a unique shape helps create a visual point of interest. Depending on your style, you can choose frames that are sleek and streamlined or more ornate. Choose a color and material that compliments your overall bathroom decor.

Grab Bars

Residential grab bars are offered in a variety of lengths, styles and finishes. Grab bars can be placed, horizontally, vertically or diagonally at showers, tubs and toilet or any location that meets your requirements.

Knobs and Drawer Pulls

Drawer knobs and pulls are offered in a variety of styles that compliment your other bathroom accessories. Cabinet pulls or knobs have an effect on the overall look or your bathroom. As you look for the right hardware, you can choose from sleek and simple pulls or go with ones that are more textured. If you have modern decor, you may choose pulls that have more elegant lines and geometric shapes. For a traditional decor, you more opt for pulls that have basic flourishes. Material and color is also an important feature that should be taken into consideration.


Lighting in a bathroom can be an important feature because it can set the mood of a room. It is not only important to determine the type of light it gives off and the mood it sets, but by the actual light fixture. When choosing a fixture it is important to consider design as well as function. Lighting is available in a variety of finishes.

Medicine Cabinets

Aluminum cabinets come in a wide range of sizes and styles. The rust-free aluminum body is easy to install and can be recessed or surface mounted. Adjustable glass shelves help you manage your bathroom essentials.

Swinging door medicine cabinets come in a wide variety of styles that will compliment any bathroom decor. You may choose a traditional wood framed cabinet or opt to go with a more contemporary design.

Biview cabinets have dual swing doors which offer versatility and help you manage and organize your toiletries. Choose a style that matches your style whether it be a beveled look, wood framed or aluminum bodied.

The Triview design offers multiple viewing angles and the adjustable shelves accommodate multiple size toiletries. Offered in a variety of styles to meet you bathroom decor.

Shower Door Types

Shower doors provide an elegant solution for your shower enclosure system. Doors come in a variety of types, configurations, styles and sizes to match your requirements. The type of shower door you choose depends on the design of your shower, the opening size and space considerations. Whether you are replacing a shower rod or curtain or constructing a new shower, a shower door can become an beautiful feature in your bathroom.

Shower Safety and Seats

Shower seats offer safety and comfort to bathroom. Seats comply with the ADA specifications. The seats fit a variety of tub and shower styles with their adjustable height (15″-21″). Seat feature a non-slip seat surface for safety.

Utility Accessories

Utility accessories such as mop and broom holders, hooks and shelving can be a convenient accessory for your home. Organize your garage, mudroom or shed with a variety of sizes and shapes of utility accessories.