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We create comprehensive bid packages

One of our main functions at BathXcessories is we create robust  and complete bid packages for union and also non-union general contractors nation wide. Although the majority of projects we accept are commercial in nature, we also do large residential projects.

During the creation of the  bid package our estimators review the entire scope of your project. We ask questions, review external documents and will provide our clients a range of choices to fulfill their needs on site.

Our Process

Review entire scope of the project

We begin our estimating process by reviewing the entire scope of the project. We look at all construction disciplines, and then use that information to determine the best products for that particular application.

Narrow down the information

Once we reviewed the entire project, then we narrow down on the Division 9, 10 and 12 products and their intended installation.

Estimating and creating the bid package

After we have gotten all the necessary information from the project documents, we then assemble a comprehensive bid package for the general contractor in charge of the project.

Intake project information -

Intake all project documents and information. Including all building disciplines.

Focus on Division 8, 10 and 12 products +
Presenting the bid package +