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Bobrick, AAMCO, Parksite, Flush Metal

BathXcessories supplies and installs toilet partitions for commercial, industrial, educational, residential, government and hospitality projects. Toilet partitions are available in a variety of materials such as baked enamel/powder coated, stainless steel, polymer plastic, plastic laminate, phenolic color thru, and phenolic black core products.Our privacy and urinal screens are available in three mounting configurations. Options include six different materials: polymer plastic, laminate, phenolic black core, phenolic color-thru, stainless steel and baked enamel/powder coated.

Mounting styles include wall hung, floor anchored and floor to ceiling screens. We have available environmentally sustainable, post consumer recycled paper petroleum free resin toilet partitions that can earn LEED qualifying points. Please contact us for more information on these partitions. Toilet partition mounting styles include floor mounted/overhead braced, floor to ceiling, and ceiling hung toilet partitions.

We are proud partners with the following manufactures Flush Metal Partitions, Global Partitions, Bobrick, Bradley